I’m The Vicious Cannon Fodder In The Book (Novel)

Ch: 122
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I’m The Vicious Cannon Fodder In The Book (Novel)

Due to an imperial decree, Luo Shuyu married the paranoid 3rd prince Li Mingjin. They had been married for three years. Li Mingjin always treated him with coldly. After an accident, Luo Shuyu became pregnant and gave birth. But then Li Mingjin was imprisoned and sentenced to death, and he and his son were about to be killed. Li Mingjin escaped from prison, desperately sent them out of the city, and died blocking arrows for them. None of them survived. After death, Luo Shuyu realized he was just a supporting role in a book, and his cousin was the protagonist with a goldfinger, which helped him hook up with the big men of the book. Luo Shuyu returned to the day of the marriage decree. Three days later, the man who lived and died with him appeared before him, alive again. He cried. 18-year-old Li Mingjin wiped his tears, and said gloomily, “Don’t cry.”

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