I’m the Girl With the Hacks!

Ch: 216+
2018 - ?
4.449 out of 5 from 159 votes
Rank #1,337
I’m the Girl With the Hacks!

I finally confessed to a stud and was about to usher in some sweet love in my life, but I got electrocuted and teleported into a world of immortal cultivation?! But thanks to my hacks, I've turned from zero to hero. Not only do I have to bring my senior brothers to fight monsters and level up, I have to deal with all these distractions all day too. It's not easy being a pretty lady! So, which senior should I pick for tonight? I gotta think about it...

Source: Bilibili Comics

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I normally don't get into manhua, but I liked this a lot. The MC is really loveable and fun, although admittedly she's one of maybe 3 characters I really liked. But she's such a fun character to be around that it isn't a problem at all for 90% of what I've read so far.That being said, that ten percent is worth talking about, because with the exception of the FL (MC), ML, and the MC's sister, there aren't any characters who can hold up the plot. The other characters aren't bad, just not really important enough to connect with, and that does kiiind of become a problem, since the writer is a bit reliant on flashbacks and some expository dialogue to keep the plot moving, and that especially becomes a problem in the later chapters when cutaways start happening to show what's goin on with the other groups...It's like this: when the MC is there, the story is like a 10, it's really funny and interesting, but the moment something happens that she's absent for, it's like a 4. That's honestly how good her personality is, she carries the plot, and when she isn't there, even if the plot's moving- it feels like it isn't.That's my only gripe though, this is the only manhua I've been able to really enjoy; I'm starting to think that might be because finding good manhua translations is like finding gold in the mountains: possible, but really difficult. Either way, yeah I'd recommend reading this, it's not too hard to find decent translations for it as well because it has a lot of jokes and references for western audiences, so it's probably easier for translators to get new readers into it.

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