I'm No Heroine!

Alt title: Namjuneun Jeongjunghi Sayanghagessseubnida!

Ch: 38+
2021 - ?
3.815 out of 5 from 516 votes
Rank #10,029
I'm No Heroine!

A girl obsessed with a novel suddenly finds herself transported into the thick of the plot. The problem is, she has taken on the role of the villain in the story. And she knows how this ends…it’s off with her head! Maybe she’ll just let this play out and wake up back in reality… But after a few too many deaths to no avail, it’s finally time to go off-script. She's going to have a little fun with this tale. She’s made up her mind…to live!

Source: Lezhin

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Pushover MC. Despite saying "I'll walk my own path!" she (and we as readers) always gets annoyed until she accepts.(Best example: When she said "I'll walk my own path!" literally in the next slide she was dragged away by her maid while screeming "I dont want to", yet she let it happen.) MLs are annoying.There is the Crown Prince, of course, who is cold and possessive and all he can say is "do you want to die for insulting a royal?".There is a stalking magician, who is by far the most annoying and disruptive character I've ever seen.There is a swordsman who is always trying to teach her swordsmanship with one-sided enthusiasm. His reason: She has good stamina. (Which she doesn't have) Really, considing the existing MLs, I'm rooting for some yuri. The reason why they all suddenly have interest in her in the 3rd life is also quite shallow and rushed. It took one line for each of them to suddenly fall for MC instead of the original FL. There's no character building done before. Yes, you've seen (a very, very little bit) of her first 2 attempts, but that makes the reasoning for their change even more unbelievable. I feel like if they had stretched the first 8 chapters in 30 chapters and implemented more character building and as a side effect diluted the stalking magician's screentime A LOT, then it would have been reasonable and could have been quite a satisfying read. What kept me reading till chapter 8 was how she constantly declines all the male leads (until she accepts anyways), because I liked her dry comments a lot and because I love reading these kinds of stories with magic wielding female protagonists. But unreasonably exaggerated characters (especially the ones that unwelcomingly pop up in a lot of scenes) can destroy everything.

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