I'm My Nice Boss's Midnight Model

Alt title: Boku wa Yasashii Kachou no Shinya Model

Vol: 1+; Ch: 4+
2016 - ?
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I'm My Nice Boss's Midnight Model

I've always admired my boss, Akira Okita. He's always considerate towards his subordinates, but it seems he has something on his mind lately... "Please let me know if there's anything I can help you with!" I blurt out before I can think. I just want to do something for him, but I never thought that this outburst would lead to me taking on a job as his model! It turns out that Akira is actually a rather famous painter, and while the deadline of his exhibition is approaching quickly, his model had suddenly canceled. Not confident whether I'd be good enough, I head over to his art studio. There, a shocking discovery awaits me. All of Akira's works portray intimate moments between men. That night, Akira and I have an intimate moment of our own, his brush gently caressing my body...

Source: Renta

Content Warning

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