I'm Glad They Kicked Me From the Hero's Party... But Why're You Following Me, Great Saintess?

Alt title: Yuusha Party wo Tsuihosareta Ore daga, Ore kara Sudattekureta you de Ureshii. ......nanode Dai Seijo, Omae ni Ottekorarete wa Komaru no daga?

Vol: 5+; Ch: 34+
2021 - ?
3.633 out of 5 from 148 votes
Rank #22,541
I'm Glad They Kicked Me From the Hero's Party... But Why're You Following Me, Great Saintess?

Written off as nothing more than a useless bag boy, Mihama Ariake is driven out of the hero's party he had been traveling with. However, his true strength is in his unlimited use of all extant skills, a power directly bestowed upon him by God—and it is God's will that he uses those skills to back up the hero's party. Freed from that duty, he goes where his whims lead him, running into many surprising people and unexpected things along the way. Join Ariake as he and his invincibility carve out a new path!

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[Dropped at chapter 11] Ignoring the fact that this is just a run-off-the-mill kicked-out-from-party trope, the contradictory statements in this manga is just mind-boggling to the point that I had to drop it. My issue is mainly with the saintess character - in ch 1.1, page 10, she tells the MC to leave the party and states "you contribute nothing to this party". But then she completely changes her tune around ch 10-11, where she can't stop singing praises of the now ex-party member MC, and she's all like "MC's skill was the reason you guys were so powerful" and "MC taught you this, you should know this" and "MC would've done that in this instance" and "you failed to heed MC's words" etc etc. Bitch, if you knew all this already and were so head-over-heels in love with the MC, why the f*** did you say those mean and contradictory words to him!? I've never seen such a two-faced character before and it makes me so angry. I stopped reading here, but I bet that she'll join up with the MC and MC will forgive her for everything.  My other issue is the MC's overly-kind attitude - even though he was kicked out and called useless, he still doesn't stop thinking fondly and caring about his old party members and every so often you'll see the MC worrying about how his old party are managing without him. If someone is bored and thick-skinned enough to ignore all this and continue reading the manga past this point, please tell me if the author ever provides a good reason as to why the saintess acted the way she did.


TRASH manga, review as of chapter 15 (couldn't take this shit any more) I usually like the trope "kicked out of the hero party", most of these storys aren't that deep plotwise, which, in my opinion is completely fine, if you're into that but even I think whatever this dumb author is writing here can't be called anything but trash. The MC gets kicked out of the hero party (what a surprise) which consists completely out of his childhood friends. The hero is the typical disgusting scumbag who hates the MC, thinks he is the chosen one and wants all the girls for himself, the other party members are just as dumb and follow him blindly at first, except the saint who loves the MC but is instead a bitch towards him in the first chapters.She then suddenly changes to an almost yandere like bitch who is head over heals for him and reveals to the whole party that they only came this far because of the MC.Remember, she never mentioned anything like this in the first chapters where the MC was still in the party, instead said misleading things like "you don't belong in this party". I guess she meant as in "the others are repulsive and he is too good for them?" She never explains anything and just goes with the flow and apparently never said anything good about him the whole fucking time they were together.  So everyone, including the MC bevlieves she hates him. Nice, good job, that way he will definitely notice your feelingsThat results in the rest of the party believing they are insanely strong and the MC is useless.The MC is completely fine with being kicked out because he never really wanted to be an adventurer in the first place and was basically forced by a god to help them since all of his "friends" would have died early if it wasn't for him. The irony.Obviously no one besides him and the saint know that he hard carried them with his godlike ability. She, again, never mentions anything like that during their time together and treats him like shit.I don't even understand how he can consider them his childhood friends the way he gets treated, I wouldn't give a shit if they all died, yet he somehow cares for them? He thinks about if they are ok with him being gone since they can't even read a map and acts like a parent, 3 seconds later says: "Ah, whatever, I just want a chill life!" and then randomly acts like a parent again.He rescues dragon loli. She says he's too soft for being so carefree (dumb imo) but the matter is dropped in seconds.They go to the adventurers guild of a town, his adventurer license gets revoked through a king's command, all the other adventurers and the guild master taunt him, MC, like the fucktard he is, says if they don't want him here, fine, HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN THE CENTER OF ATTENTION ANYWAY and wants to leave. Again, dragon loli was the only one who wanted to defend him and let these adventurers eat dirt but MC, like a pussy, again, says it's fine. Next thing a knight of the squad which was supposed to defeat a nearby monster threat rushes in, covered in blood, says they got shit on, all the adventurers who taunted the MC before panic and cry like bitches and this dumbass MC IMMEDIATELY turns, wants to pay the crybaby adventurers who just taunted him to help him take care of the mess and holds a heroic speech about surving the country, protecting their families and shit. BRO WHAT? They just fucking taunted him, called him useless and made futher fun of him and he wants to PAY THEM to fight for the kingdom!?Moreover the fucking king revoked your license.. I would leave that trash kingdom and see how they do and to top it off, this fucker just said he doesn't want to be the center of attention but.. yeah, that was 3 seconds ago, now he hard commits to being a hero, which goes against his character but ok, whatever floats your boat author. Basically everyone first treats the MC as shit bUt He DoEsN't CaRe, saves their ass and after that they praise him like a god.You can't make this shit up. 0 logic. The only character who his likeable is the dragon loli, she atleast got common sense. The MC is supposed to be cool the way he doesn't care and clever because he knows it all but comes off as being insanely pathetic, hipocritical and brainless the way he acts. My brain hurts if I just try to imagine any reasonable person to act like this bitch MC, it just doesn't make sense at all. For anyone considering to read this, don't, it's just frustrating.

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