I’m Glad that I was Abandoned (Novel)

Vol: 4; Ch: 139
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I’m Glad that I was Abandoned (Novel)

I was abandoned by my abusive family and then I met a new family. I met a master who I would devote my whole life and swore loyalty to him. I never thought I’d be betrayed again. My master betrayed me like my old family. I knelt before her to buy the favor of the princess who will have the dragon in the future. “Let me apologize to the Princess.” Been betrayed in return of loyalty, I finally decided to leave him. Suddenly, a strange girl’s voice was heard. "Erne, I’ve been waiting for you." The girl…. the silver dragon of the Empire chose me. I’m not the girl who was supposed to be the master of the dragon. And a strange man came to me. “This time, I will never make the mistake of leaving you alone.” The Duke of the Empire, a red-haired young man, knelt for me. You thought of me for a long time, longing for my heart.

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