I'm Engaged to an Obsessive Male Lead

Alt title: Jipchangnamjuui Gyeyakjik Yakonjaimnida

Ch: 88
2022 - 2023
3.533 out of 5 from 411 votes
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I'm Engaged to an Obsessive Male Lead

One day, Veillyn Orlando comes to the realization that she's been living the last 21 years as a side character in a BL novel and is fated to die in one year! In light of this, Veillyn decides to escape her abusive family and live out the rest of her days in peace. However, her only way out is getting engaged to the male lead of the novel, Jellard Lieseltein. He seems like the perfect candidate for a contractual engagement because he's into men, meaning there's no risk of them actually falling in love with each other... But as the two spend more time together, Jellard seems to be falling for Veillyn. Will Veillyn be able to navigate her growing feelings for Jellard while keeping her inevitable death a secret?

Source: TappyToon

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I want to say my admiration first  The story started out okay and I was really taken aback by how much genuine kindness and care the obsessive male lead was able to show to someone he didn't love. The art is the best thing about this manhwa, there were some good designs for clothing and the overall art everywhere else. The cute moments were also quite nice to view.  Then comes everything I dislike about it and dropped the story for.  I'll start by saying my review only covers chapter 1 to 48 be warned. The mc reincarnates into the mind and body of a character who is supposed to die before the beginning of the story. And the ml from the previous story is who she chooses to get contractually engaged to. The male lead she knows sexually abuses the other person in the 'relationship' on multiple occasions. But I get it, that has nothing to do with the peaceful life she wants to live for the next year, she isn't a hero afterall and all of that will happen after she's dead and gone she says. So she befriends the obsessive male lead and wants to do everything she can to make sure all his endeavours go well now. But there's a twist the person he sexually abuses in the novel comes back as a regressor and want revenge for all the inhumane acts committed against him during in the past. He is traumatised and can't even stand to see himself in the mirror and has learnt all sorts of self defence to prevent something like this happening again. He even had someone he liked whose family was slaughtered because of the ml's obsession with him because he said some kind words when he really needed it. I really don't care that the person Nellan(the victim) liked was a bitch the crimes against him still weighs as much.  The mc knows all this, that he was even gangraped at the behest of the ml and still has the audacity to be offended when Nellan wanted to take her out in addition to that obsessive ml because she was protecting him. He even changed his mind and tried to form an alliance with her where that revolved around killing that obsessive ml.  I don't know about you but if I get violated by someone the way he had I really wouldn't stop at just taking that one person out not to even mention people trying to be his shields she made me so angry with the rubbish she was saying. Does it really matter if he underestimated you and mistook your goals?  Anyways the author showed signs of making Nellan the villain of the story and the obsessive ml the changed 'good guy' and I don't read stories like that so I dropped it.  I get that he hasn't committed any of these acts against him in this timeline but that doesn't mean he is a different person (the mc approached him 1 year before all of these things are supposed to happen) and it sure as hell doesn't erase all Nellan's scars and trauma, and if you are just gonna write all of that off this isn't a story I can support, read or recommend. The correct stance for an outsider that knows everything like the mc is to step away, you can't reprimand Nellan for his justified hate but you can't support the the destruction of a person who hasn't yet committed the unspeakable acts you know very well they are capable of.  It would be a different story if she was trying to heal Nellan of something, and didn't want him to destroy himself or something but she is wholly taking that other guy's side when she claims she 'wanted to stay alive longer to delay the start of the novel', lots of cap I see.  Anyways you can't convince me that Nellan is the bad guy here, the obsessive male lead is the good guy and the main character is in the right about protecting him.  There were also a couple of plot points that went no where, if felt like they were only saying those things for that scene and after that it didn't exist anymore. For example the obsessive ml wanted to know her source of information seeing that she knew more than she should because of that conversation they had about getting engaged at the beginning (and agreed to engage with her partially because of that) but not one thing was done to that end until it was completely forgotten.  In any case I can't support that sort of narrative so the best thing and this manhwa is the art.

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