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I'm Actually a Peerless Powerhouse
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Mar 24, 2023

Review after chapter 21

The story is the same as I'm Cultivation Big Shot & Above Myriads.

IN MY OPINION The only problem that this manhua has is the blue-haried ungrateful bitch name Yuehuang. She get so much help from Mc to breakthrough her realm and yet she think that the Mc is an evil asshole person. This annoying bitch really get into my nerves. She thinks he's a powerful bad guy but still continuously suck up to him non-stop. Mc still doesn't aware of this and still think that she is so beautiful and keep helping her(Can't blame him though, he's just a normal guy like us and doesn't aware of his own strenght so he have to always be humble.).This garbage bitch is too annoying for me.

And again...this is just my opinion and preference, not the fact. I just don't like this kind of character, this bitch prevent the fun and the smoothness vibes of the story from me. If you like her then that's okay.

I gave the art a score of 9 but that doesn't mean the overall score is gonna be high.

Overall, it is a good read, but I will drop this manhua just because I don't want to see that ungrateful bitch recieving the help from Mc anymore. It's really not for me. However, if you doesn't be bother by this kind of character then I recommend you to read this.

***Sorry for my bad English and grammar.

6/10 story
9/10 art
3/10 characters
6/10 overall