I'm a Dom and I Want You to Stroke My Head

Alt title: Oresama Dom wa Naderaretai

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2021 - 2022
3.911 out of 5 from 276 votes
Rank #6,977
I'm a Dom and I Want You to Stroke My Head

Naoya Fushimi lives in a world where second genders are labeled as 'dynamics,' generally divided into two types: Doms and Subs. The former desires to dominate while the latter wants to be dominated. Being the only Dom teacher in the school he works at, Naoya has a reputation for being strict and intimidating, and he takes pride in it. As for his more private activities, there is no Sub he left unsatisfied with his plays. Though recently, he finds himself frustrated for no reason. When the new dynamics-specialized nurse, Kei Hoshina, enters the school, Naoya assumes the former as an unassuming Dom, but he couldn't be more wrong.

Source: futekiya

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