I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

Alt title: Yongsaui Eomeoniga Doegetseumnida

Ch: 31+
2022 - ?
4.354 out of 5 from 182 votes
Rank #2,602
I’ll Be The Warrior’s Mother

"You may be my wife but, I won't lay a single finger on you." "Really? Then can I touch you?" "....What?" About 20 years in the future, the world is in ruins because of the invasion of the beasts. There's only one way to stop the destruction. To marry the duke who is called a monster, and have his child who will become the hero in the future! Elena who saw a glimpse of the future succeeded in marrying him but.. "Are we going to continue not doing anything?" I wanted to get it quickly out of the way, but my husband's impregnable fortress is stronger than I could have imagined! "Take it off! Why aren't you taking it off?! Are you leather?" Will Elena be able to safely birth the hero and save the world?

Source: MU

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Potential spoiler alertSummary Yelena saw the future through a dream and wants to change the future for the better. She discovers a person that made her see that dream and that person spoken of tells that that a certain duke's child will become the warrior to save everyone but that warrior didn't exist within the dream/vision. There was no child because no one dared to have a child with a cursed duke. Within the dream of the future had dark creatures, specifically demon realm creatures and she had witnessed the deaths of strangers and family. Yelena desperate to save everyone, she switched with her cousin the original bride of the Duke, obviously with permission  Story The story is a little typical but really unique and funny at the same time. Yelena is so desperate to have the child with the Duke that it's so hilarious. He wraps her with a bed sheet just to stop her from trying to pressure him into having a child but it didn't change a thing which is what makes it so funny to me. When the Marquis tried to show his affection toward Yelena, she legit beat him as if there were no tomorow. There's a good amount of progress as the duke showed a little of affection which was just blushing from a strange act Yelena did but it is progression as those two are really hilarious and iconic to me.  Art  the art is really cute and reminds me of other mangas and webtoons similarities. This art style really brings out the beauty of Yelena, but it really downgraded the duke. His mask is killing my last brain cell atm because it's legit 3am while I'm writing this.  Characters  Just in general there's a good amount of balance of good and evil so far. With the child marital problems it'll decelop a good character growth for the Duke and Yelena, one can acknowledge his feelings and the other can try to stop being a bit shameful. 

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