Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba

Alt title: Foreign Girl and Bouquet of Violets

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2010 - 2011
3.363 out of 5 from 17 votes
Rank #10,858
Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba

Masaki Ryou was sent with his older sister to clean up Hiijii-san's mansion. While he was there, Ryou found a water well and accidentally fell into it. As he regained consciousness, he meets this girl named Rose who has been supposedly expecting him, and realizes that he is in pre-modern England.

Source: MU

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runouce Jun 30, 2019
Score 6/10

if you are the kind of person that enjoy chill & sweet story of friendship that's suitable for children, then you'll enjoy this manga. but that's not all that's to this manga. Story: 6/10 they keep the "chill & sweet" theme really good. but you can expect more to it. Art: 6/10 enjoyable & gorgeous. i don't really like the way they draw the buildings in the earlier chapters... read more


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