Ikarosu no Yama

Vol: 10; Ch: 88
2005 - 2007
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Ikarosu no Yama

In their early twenties, Mikami Toshiya and Hiraoka Keiji were mountain climbing partners. Over the next few years, though, Mikami chose having a family and stable career over his passion for mountain climbing. Now he has a wife and son, and he has turned his back on the mountains entirely. In doing so, he began to lose touch with Hiraoka, who continued to build his life around mountain climbing at the exclusion of all else. One day, news comes out that another peak over 8000 meters tall has been discovered in the Himalayas. Whoever is the first to successfully climb this peak will be allowed to name it. Hiraoka would like to try to be the first, but he can't climb the mountain alone. Mikami, on the other hand, is finding his dedication to his family over mountain climbing severely tested. Will Hiraoka and Mikami once again team up to take on this newest challenge?

Source: MU

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