Ijigen Deadline

Vol: 4; Ch: 48
2020 - 2021
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Ijigen Deadline

Shuuichi Hitoyoshi, an unpopular cartoonist, heads out to a meeting with his editorial department, but there, he is told that he is being let go. On the same day that Hitoyoshi is let go, a popular cartoonist - whose manga is being adapted into a movie - is meeting with a famous actress there. Hitoyoshi envies them, because it seems like they're in a completely different world from him... But right then, a massive earthquake takes place. After it's over, he takes a look outside to find the publishing company is now in the middle of a desert in an alternate dimension! No one knows how this happened, resulting in chaos in which the cartoonists and their editors completely lose their minds. And amidst all of that, a certain something lurking beneath the sand begins to attack everyone!

Source: Kodansha

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