If You Hate Me So

Alt titles: Geureoke Naega Siltamyeon, If You Hate Me That Much, If You Love Me So

Ch: 53
2015 - 2020
3.64 out of 5 from 1,833 votes
Rank #21,224
If You Hate Me So

Minjae's quiet life turns upside down when he walks in on Hyung-jo masturbating to a T.A. sleeping in the student lounge. Hyung-jo threatens Minjae to keep the incident a secret and to keep his distance from the T.A., whom he has an obsessive crush on. But Minjae can't stop having dreams about the scene he witnessed. Despite Hyung-jo's extreme threats, his body reacts to the T.A.... wait, no. To...Hyung-jo...

Source: Lezhin

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If You Hate Me So (1)

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If You Hate Me So (2)

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