Ietsukuri Skill de Isekai wo Ikinobiro

Vol: 3+; Ch: 16+
2020 - ?
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Ietsukuri Skill de Isekai wo Ikinobiro

One day, Kurisu, a girl who was born and raised in a remote area, learns that she has the [House Building Skill]. When her memories of being Kurisu Niina, a Japanese woman, come back to her, she decides to leave the remote area and become an adventurer. After a grueling journey, she arrives in the labyrinthine city of Garel, and tries to build her own house and enjoy living alone, but the officials tell her that people from other countries can't even live there permanently. Thinking, "If so, let's make a house where you can travel!", she remodels a used carriage and begins to make an ideal home. Now begins the story of a girl who lives single-mindedly in a different world where her life depends on her skills!

Source: MU

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