Vol: 29
2002 - 2013
4.405 out of 5 from 411 votes
Rank #1,879

We find Chunwha in a world beyond his own... There he will struggle to find his own purpose among the many inhabitants of the new world including elves, dwarves, and even mages! As we watch him grow in strength and spirit, the mangaka creates fascinating characters out of his companions and adversaries and moves past the simple concept of the antagonist vs the protagonist. To find out what fate has in store for our hero, follow Id in a fantastic adventure, exploring a world where anything is possible!

Source: MU

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I really like Id, it is a story about an effeminate teenage Korean boy from a family of kung fu masters who is transported to a medieval time with monsters and dragons, your typical Lord of the Rings universe with a touch of Dungeons and Dragons, but don't judge it based on those comparisons. Story - The story is very interesting, Chun Hwa (who names himself Id) finds himself in a dragon's den in possession of a sword with a soul (it can talk) and the story evolves from him trying to get back to his own universe to him trying to fix what he inadvertantly caused in the past. Some parts are slow paced where it talks seemingly endlessly about the politics between continents but those add to the enrichment of the story and are more than made up for in fight scenes and plot development. It is an exciting and fast paced manhwa. Art - The art starts off quite bad but the amount the artist improves is quite amazing. I really enjoy his unique (as far as I know) way of showing teary eyes and the general expressions of all the characters. There is a lot of revealing clothing and large breasts but there aren't a lot of scenes focusing on fan service beyond this so it should at least be bearable for those who don't enjoy that. Besides, most of the fan service scenes are between the girlish looking Id and other men. Characters - The characters are all interesting and serve their individual roles as comic relief or 'serious badass' well, there is always a chapter or two dedicated to a character and development is evident in all of them. The characters are entertaining enough for Id to hold its own against most manga (being a manhwa). Overall - It is a must read, the story is exciting, the action is exciting and most of all the adventure is exciting.

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