Ichigo Switch!

Alt title: Strawberry Switch!

Vol: 1; Ch: 3
2011 - 2012
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Ichigo Switch!

Ichigo might be a bit of a clumsy space-case, but she's also a gifted voice actress. She's currently engrossed in her work on the anime "Mahou Shoujo Wild Berry", but she lacks confidence when it comes to romantic scenes. So she decides to ask the most popular boy in school, Chiaki-kun, to help her out and "teach her about love"... to which he instantly refuses. Undeterred, Ichigo barges in on him at home, only to find his room covered in "Wild Berry" memorabilia. Wait a minute, does that mean the cool popular Chiaki-kun is really... an otaku?! More importantly, could he still help her out, when he himself only knows 2D love?

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