Ichi the Killer

Alt title: Koroshiya 1

Vol: 10; Ch: 101
1998 - 2001
3.865 out of 5 from 406 votes
Rank #4,950
Ichi the Killer

In the depths of Shinjuku, the yakuza and other gangs rule supreme. Thus, when the manipulative Jijii and a team of gangsters take down the Anjou branch’s boss secretively, it ignites an inevitable firestorm between rival groups. At the heart of the struggle is Ichi the Killer, a brutal murderer who cries before going berserk, becoming aroused in the process; and Kakihara, a scarred, pierced psychopath whose sadomasochistic streak means long and painful deaths for his enemies. Amidst an endless bloodbath, will either man survive?

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flyingtarantulas Jul 24, 2011
Score 10/10

Brutal, disturbing, and funny. Ichi the Killer is a manga that will make you wonder if you should be disgusted or fascinated. The story is brilliant, told from a two-point perspective, and plays out like a detective story. A very, very violent detective story. Now, gore and violence doesn't usually bother me, but this series made me cringe big time. It's not how violent they get, but it's the way they it's... read more

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