Ichi the Killer

Alt title: Koroshiya 1

Vol: 10; Ch: 101
1998 - 2001
4.088 out of 5 from 513 votes
Rank #8,211
Ichi the Killer

In the depths of Shinjuku, the yakuza and other gangs rule supreme. Thus, when the manipulative Jijii and a team of gangsters take down the Anjou branch’s boss secretively, it ignites an inevitable firestorm between rival groups. At the heart of the struggle is Ichi the Killer, a brutal murderer who cries before going berserk, becoming aroused in the process; and Kakihara, a scarred, pierced psychopath whose sadomasochistic streak means long and painful deaths for his enemies. Amidst an endless bloodbath, will either man survive?

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