I Woke Up as the Ugly Duckling

Alt titles: I Became the Ugly Lady, Monnani Gongnyeoga Doeeotseumnida

Ch: 83+
2020 - ?
4.006 out of 5 from 1,153 votes
Rank #10,226
I Woke Up as the Ugly Duckling

What good is being reborn as the duke's daughter when you're the shame of the family? While her siblings were talented and beautiful, poor Sylvia was called fat and ugly, with a rumored bad personality to boot. Acting out for her cold father's attention only got her exiled from home and made her take her own life. But when the new "Sylvia" wakes up five years before her death, she could care less about the snarky opinions of others–she'll live this life her own way. In a world crawling with demons and thieves, she must use all the resources at her fingertips and prepare to survive on her own. Once she does, it's goodbye to her family and the naysayers... so why are the people who never cared about her before starting to take an interest in her?

Source: TappyToon

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A nice and lightweight read. By lightweight I mean, that there aren't a lot of struggles for the MC. One plan after another succeeds (in one way or another). You could say, the main plot of this is not MC's struggling to become stronger, but for her to get things done. Since everything, more or less, falls into her hands by coincidence, it sometimes feels like the story is eventless. But if you've read your few dozen aristocracy manhwas with female MCs that usually are full with betrayal, evil plots and scheming characters, then this is a nice change of pace, at least for once. You just have to know what you're about to read and you have to be in the mood for it. I like the MC a lot and there are no annoying side characters that only exist for delaying the plot or to treat some viewers fetishes (like being a potential ML, even though you already know they won't become the ML, because you've read your fair share of similar stories). That is a huge plus for me, since there usually is AT LEAST one such annoying and useless side characte. They totally ruin everything for me whenever I see their faces and read their dumb and meaningless lines.Well, tbh, there is one useless character constantly training to become her knight, while she's completely OP. Well, he will probably become the ML, so he should be displayed as hardworking and dedicated, I guess. Fortunately, he doesn't appear that often (even though every chapter he appears, I'm disappointed, because the chapter I waited long for only contains their childish wanna-be romance lines and cliches that I'm so tired of especially with a characterless character, if you know what I mean), Well, just scroll over it, it's meaningless anyways. Almost all the other parts of the story are still superb!


This is actually a really good read! It took some time to get into the swing of it, but it's a very enjoyable story. In her new life, the FL is powerful, smart and wealthy, but isn't revenge-driven or anything like that. She wants to secure a good life for herself, and is the first isekai'd FL I've seen that engages in charity. She has to defend herself against a few malicious gossipers, but all in all, she builds people up rather than cuts them down. Sylvia regularly takes actions either out of the good of her heart or out of foreknowledge of the future to save people, which tends to have bigger consequences than anticipated... but anything more would be a spoiler. Her family is a bit of a mixed big - the father seems to be an arsehole (or at least very, very strict), the mother is barely even mentioned (but still alive somewhere), the eldest brother is absent but was apparently kind to the "original" Sylvia, the second brother starts out judgmental but corrects his attitude quickly and becomes decent (maybe even nice in later chapters), and the younger sister is genuinely good person and routinely nice to the FL, despite the fact that the "original" Sylvia broke her arm the day prior. At this point, I honestly can't tell who the ML is, but there's no one I would veto outright. Why and how she reincarnated hasn't been discussed yet, but there's been some delicious foreshadowing that hints at a deeper plot. To summarize: Not a particularly deep story, but an enjoyable read that brings a smile to my face. Would recommend. Features: Smart, powerful, casually OP FL, character growth for quite a few people, a genuinely nice sister, magic, swords, nobility, monsters, kidnappings. Would recommend for: people who are looking for a casual read; people looking for a story utilizing tropes but deviating slightly from the norm; people looking for a light-hearted story

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