I was Captured by the Obsessive Prince (Novel)

Vol: 4
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I was Captured by the Obsessive Prince (Novel)

From the original novel, I possessed Rosetta, the “Villainess # 2”, who was accused of the crime of the main villainess and was executed. I have to run away from the fate of the original, but I have no special ability at all as a supporting role without the main character buff. Even a part-time job was a luxury for such a lady, an obscurely pretty noble. But I don’t want to go to the temple and become a priestess. I’d rather get married to a suitable man! With such a moderately decent family behind him, I married a seemingly harmless man. A country lord on the outskirts, not far from the capital, affluent financial conditions and a modest title of a count. It bothers me a little that he has a bandage on his face, but… I thought it was a success. But it’s strange. My husband seems like the main character of the original story?!

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