I Want To Feel You Because I Like You.

Alt title: Suki, Dakara Furetai.

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2013 - 2014
3.425 out of 5 from 34 votes
Rank #25,744
I Want To Feel You Because I Like You.

With the help of a friendly ghost, Masaki, Ono-sensei can examine his young patient's teeth without much fuss. It seems that only Ono-sensei and children can see Masaki. He brings a calming presence, which is convenient for children at the dentist and for Ono-sensei as well. But is he really a ghost? He doesn't remember much about his past but for some reason, he's very attached to Ono-sensei. So much so that Masaki hangs out around the office and even walks Ono-sensei home. Once they reach the entrance to Ono-sensei's apartment however, Masaki is asked to stay out. Ono-sensei doesn't want Masaki to know that something else haunts him behind closed doors. 

Source: MediBang

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