I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Alt title: Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2016 - 2017
4.297 out of 5 from 995 votes
Rank #351
I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

In this deeply moving first-person story, a high school boy finds the diary of his classmate—and discovers that she’s dying. Yamauchi Sakura has been silently suffering from a pancreatic disease in school, and now exactly one person outside her family knows. He swears to her that he won’t tell anyone what he learned, and the shared secret brings them closer together. The two have very little in common, but they find themselves drawn to each other in Sakura’s final months to live.

Source: Seven Seas

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I at first thinking about giving this 8.5 / 8.8 because I'm bad at rating, but I changed my mind into giving it a 9  I have been avoiding this manga and the anime for as long as I could as the title never piqued my interest. But today I decided to just pick a random manga or manhwa to give a review to and this is what I came across of.  I started reading this manga without reading the synopsis first knowing that it is well known for a reason, not knowing what to expect. A few chapters later then I remembered seeing people talking about how the anime makes them cry. Of course I didn't expect myself to even be giving in to that.  For a girl who knows that she only have a year left, she is the complete opposite for someone who is currently dying, she's cheerful, energetic and everything you can think of about someone who's happy-go-lucky. Never actually seemed to struggle with her health as she's not showing it but instead keep on making a joke about it, maybe one of a way to help her cope.  The friend's action, Kyoko sometimes displaying an act of immaturity and childishness when he didn't even do anything which I do at times find unreasonable, but that didn't make her a bad person as I thought she would be.  I like the way Sakura is giving him the talk about communicating with other people and so forth,  She's starting to be the part of his life now where he uses his time to visit her in his free time and clearly I did not expect him to change from someone who's a complete loner and introverted who's focusing only on himself to someone who's starting to even observe other people and showing an interest in other people after just a few months meeting her.  This has a bittersweet ending. I really find it unfair though.  I really didn't expect him to get attached to her,  But somehow I did too. 

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