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I Shall Kill That Sweet Devil
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Mar 31, 2022

I am gonna start off by saying how realistic this manhwa is!!! The way she reacts when she goes back in time and also how she starts changing are extremely realistic! This is how someone is gonna react to time traveling guys!! 👏👏 great job author!!! The second best thing about this manhwa is the very detailed background story! Other isekai manhwas mostly jump straight into the second life, but this one gives us a full 15 chapters (maybe?) about her past life before jumping into anything! Fl does seem weak at first, but I could totally understand her desicions considering how she has lived her life. Art style is pretty special, and I think it really fits the story, so after a while actually I was really appreciating the art( by special I don't mean bad btw in fact it's pretty good)!!! Story is about second chance and how fl wants to get revenge which is something I love, so no complaints there! I read 24 chs in English and the rest( upto ch38) in Korean, but so far I can not comment much on the whole story and how characters gonna develop or change since it's too early. One thing for sure is the fact that fl is changing for better and becoming smarter, so that's also a good thing! Anyways, if you enjoy a realistic kinda dark type of isekai you gonna enjoy this one as well! I recommend this webtoon.

Oh and by the way the second name for this webtoon is " I’ll Twist The Neck of a Sweet Dog " in case you couldn't find this webtoon anywhere with the title mentioned here ! 

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Apr 13, 2023

Weird plot, but I saw really good reviews so Im like why not read it?!


Ten chapters in and I swear to god reading this manhwa makes me feel so uncomfortable and ill like da FUCKK the poor protagonist is getting groomed and sexually and physically used by all the men she meets aside from Enoch.... Also kinda unrealistic, I dont understand how the Duke Ludwig is gonna ursurp the throne by making Chloe give birth to the emperors child. It makes me soo pissed and frustrated that she cant do anything to get away from them, basically shes a pawn :( Bleh whatever Ill keep reading.

Twenty chapters in and wow, I actually didnt expect this to be a regression manhwa not even lying, RIP Esthel and rip Enoch. But we getting a revenge arc yasss kill that manwhore Duke Ludwig.

Twenty six chapters in and oops I read spoilers... apparently Duke Ludwig regressed and realises hes in love with Chloe and basically imprisons her in the mansion. I really feel uncomfortable about how hes getting so much screentime. Also apparently Enoch falls in love with the protagonists daughter because she doesnt regress and is somehow a saintess, soz but this story is bullshit LMFAOOOO

Actual reflection of what I read:

This story has no substance at all, its plot is uninteresting, ridiculous and so contrived. The chapters made me cringe and no, sorry I dont get how this is supposed to be realistic? Many people arent abused by their original family because theyre an illigitimate child and saved by a supposedly hot person who asks you to call them uncle and you watch them burn your house down and he asks you to seduce his half brother when youre literally like 12. Ive read fanfics better than the plot of this story. WEIRD as fuck. Second of all how the fuck did the emperor fall for Chloe so hard in a matter of 1 day, like all they did was have sex, we didnt even get any interesting convos, their personalitys dont match, shes BORING. It says that his love was superficial, and I would assume that too because how would you fall in love with a person who youve only met once, but he actually genuinely loves her because he saves her before he dies? Dont get it this manhwa is full of contradictions and I cant handle it. BTW im also reading Baroness goes on strike at the same time as this and Im on chapter 19 and more interested in that manhwa compared to this, the FL in Baroness goes on strike her story actually made me sad but idk, seeing abuse on top of abuse in this manhwa didnt really get any emotions out of me aside from the frustration I felt when readin this.

Kinda regret reading this, too hyped IMO

Also art kinda looked off they looked like glazed donuts and the men look ugly lolz

5/10 story
3/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jun 26, 2022

If you like very slow, psychological stories, then maybe this is for you. That being said, I didn't find this webtoon that good. While Chloe's reactions and emotions are very realistic for someone who has been sent back in time. and whose life was ruined so now she wants to ruin the man who did that to her, it's all so very boring. In the comic, she repeats over and over and OVER again how her life was ruined by Kairos and how she wants to kill him. Like, we get it. Heck, the entire first half of season 1 establishes what happened in the past timeline, before taking us to the current timeline where Chloe, Kairos, and the Emperor have been sent back with their memories. The problem I have with the story is how agonizingly slow it is. Even for a time travel story that leans more heavily on the "psychological" aspects, really not a lot happens. In the second half of the first season, after Chloe is sent back in time, she wakes up, finds out Kairos was sent back/he "loves" her, then the Emperor gets involved and she leaves Kairos' castle. That's really all that happens. Like I said, everything is so slow. The "revenge" isn't all that satisfying either. Sure, Chloe no longer loves Kairos. And the Emperor loves Chloe, and spoilers, they will end up together by the end of the novel. Sure, Kairos has to see how the woman he "loves" hates him, but even that gets boring after a while. Kairos also turns into your typical yandere character, i.e. extremly violent/murderous. I dislike the incest aspects of the story, considering Chloe is related to Kairos by blood, and since the Emperor is Kairos' brother, she's also related to him, but that's not even the worse part of this. Another spoiler for the novel, but Chloe's daughter Esthel/Lethe likes Enoch, who is much older than her (twenty years? thirty years?). 

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Feb 28, 2023

It was very uncomfortable at first ten-ish chapters you will have to wait for our FL to realize what's actually going on. I warn you will have to read about child-grooming and manipulation. She will finally overcome that later on tho. However, I am thinking of dropping this... I mean it ain't bad and has potential. It was just like she did not really have choice with anything and that hurt my head.





Our FL was groomed like crazy. She is the definition of child-grooming. The duke raise her to be a perfect doll. The plot is quite unique but heart aching. If you expect to read something that will be rainbow and butterflys then this is a no. The ML might be the emperor but idk maybe not... I wish the knight guy is the ML. The knight was is only decent one so far. The emperor was not bad but he is married. Though he and empress didn't love each other and she didn't mind if he has an affair, I still didn't like that he cheated on his wife. He seems like a good man tho... and empress seems like a cool person too TT

9/10 story
7/10 art
10/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Aug 15, 2023

Warning: Contains Spoilers

I usually don't write reviews, but I've seen a lot of people being negative about this. I'm pretty picky about things and don't like when characters or stories are unrealistic or cringy. But surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this one.

Why you might not like it:

  1. Many characters are twisted and physchologically traumatised
  2. Protagonist is groomed by a parent figure (even though they're not related, more like distant family, so no weird stuff)
  3. The main character is portrayed as 'weak' (but it's because of all the bad stuff she's been through since she was young)
  4. The story is pretty simple and mostly follows the main character trying to seduce the emperor, and then the next life after she's reborn. There aren't many surprise twists with other characters.

Why you might enjoy it if it's your thing:

  1. The characters feel real and have a lot going on.
  2. The story is different from what you usually see.
  3. The story being simple (no, that's not a mistake) is good because it focuses on how the main character's  psycholocical development. I mentioned this as a downside too for people who might get bored easily


Plot is linear, no crazy conspiracy from other characters than the protagonist herself (manipulated by her Uncle). Some people might like this, like myself, some might find the psychological part alone too boring. 

What I like is that it's not like the usual stories where someone gets reborn. First, everyone remembers their past lives. Second, there are some serious topics that make this more grown-up than other similar stories (like the main character being groomed since she was 12 by her 'uncle', her doing things with the emperor because he asked her to, even having his child, and then her sad death and losing the child).

Overall, it feels very realistic, you won't find any funny plots that seem out of place or just there to lighen the mood. If you are into this mature and heavy feel then you will enjoy it.


I personally liked the art.The characters look great, but it's not too complicated like some others, so a well deserved 9.


The characters are very realistic and complex. They're messed up in some ways, but I like that. Some people complain that the main character isn't strong or interesting. You have to understand that she's been through really awful things. Imagine if you were a young girl and you saw your mom getting beaten to death by a man who's supposed to be your dad. And then you're taken in by his family, treated horribly, even worse than a slave. Would you be able to fight back? She's not weak; she's been hurt a lot. She's not dumb for letting her 'uncle' use her. She's been through intense trauma, and not everyone can just snap out of it and be strong. Some people can't handle things like this mentally, just like how many people get depressed and need help. It's not that they're weak; they just need support. She eventually gets better and overcomes her problems, which is amazing. Not everyone can do that alone. About 20% of Americans have felt really down (depressed) at some point. We shouldn't call them weak, but understand they're trying to get better and might need help. It's awesome that she finds help from the emperor, even though she ploted to kill him because of her 'uncle'. This makes the story worth reading.

I didn't give it a 10 for characters because although the main ones are written well, the others are kind of flat (like the lady who married her 'uncle' and the other waiting ladies).


Really enjoyed it, and I think the people that didn't like it have too high expectations of humans. We can't all fight against manipulators, groomers, abusers. What we can do is make the choice to be better and change, and even if it takes a long time to actually move from where we are stuck, never give up and accept the help of others. 

8/10 story
9/10 art
9.5/10 characters
9/10 overall
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