I Raised a Black Dragon

Alt title: Heungmak Yongeul Kiuge Doeeotda

Ch: 63+
2021 - ?
3.948 out of 5 from 734 votes
Rank #4,870
I Raised a Black Dragon

After dying from overwork, Noa ends up possessing the body of Eleanora, the villainess from a novel. Noa simply wants to lead a peaceful life and tries not to interfere with the original story. That is, until a baby dragon that’s meant to imprint on the heroine imprints on her instead...

Source: Manta Comics

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honetsly dont expect much about this, but, as far as i'm concerned, i started it with a negative prejudice, as i had read the reviews, and thought i wouldnt like it : well, surprisingly, i was wrong.  the overall manhwa is chill. that's the word. it's quintessentially chill and laidback, i would say.  the art in itself is immaculate : the toned colors, with pops of vibrant hues, the overall soft vibe, and the grainy texture really provide you with an ambiance, the latter i find tremendously cute. extra points are given for the fashion sense of the artist, which gives an extra thing to look at and adds to the vintage atmosphere. and i really mean it (i withdrew 0.5 because i didnt like the ML face at first :P) when it comes to the story, its nothing too crazy to begin with : poor FL died from overworking in her previous life and got reincarnated as the villain in a novel she occasionnaly read. she then finds herself raising the dragon that was supposed to belong to the MC of the original plot. the FL is neither shy not badass : she just vibes, she's here to chill after spending her fisrt life working like crazy. the overall plot is quite simple and smooth-paced and i find myslef liking it more than i probably should, given how picky i tend to be.  the family trope is heart-warming, the dynamic is enjoyable. cute and smooth, heartening i'd say. it is really similar in numerous aspects to 'spy x family' and 'the millionaire detective'.  appropriate for a chill afternoon read

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