I Love Amy

Ch: 56
2022 - 2023
4.33 out of 5 from 186 votes
Rank #252
I Love Amy

"Is this how it feels to have a friend?" Bibi is obsessed with Peter, the prince of the school. When she spots Amy next to him, she starts to feel jealous. She invites Amy to her house to warn her, but instead takes a liking to the girl. They agree to be friends on the condition that Amy has to help Bibi confess.

Source: MU

Includes 10 extra chapters.

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**NO SPOILERS** I know the full marks may look suspicious, but as much as I tried, I can't find any flaws to point out. Maybe it's just because I just finished reading it, but I know this webtoon is truly a unique one.  The premise is interesting, but what makes it truly shine is the execution. The story is well thought out and well paced. It takes twists and turns, but in a logical sense that makes the story coherent. The way that trauma and memories are built into this story really fits it.  He art is exquisite. I kept taking screenshots because every panel was so adorable, and the fashion incorporated was unique and fitting to each character. The characters were surprisingly deep for an artstyle and premise such as this. Each character had a unique pov and motives that made sense to their past and who they are. The autor herself even said that the character hardest to write was the simplest one, because she's so used to writing complex characters! Something worth mentioning is how Bibi was written. I am not a psychopath or an expert on the topic, but I feel like this character does psychopaths more justice than other fictional works. In the first chapters she's pretty one-dimentional, as are most of the characters at that point. But the further you read, the better you get to know her and everyone. The author made it clear that she wanted to write a -truly- happy ending for a psychopath for once, and it shows. (The author used the term yandere, but I feel the terms are interchangeable in this case.) Overall, well-written. Probably the best gl I've ever read. Exquisite in its way of depicting psychopathy, love, trauma, etc. Defenitely recommended! P.S. There's a few tags missing (gl, shoujo-ai, psychological, psychopaths, death of a loved one, america, lgbt themes, mental illness, etc.)

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