I Log In Alone

Alt title: Na Hollo Login

Ch: 62
3.683 out of 5 from 1,349 votes
Rank #19,535
I Log In Alone

Eleven year old Siwoo Jeong can only play by himself during gym class. "I'm sitting out." "Why are you the only one sitting out?" Are you kidding?" "If I go in, everybody else has to sit out. Physically." To Siwoo, strength isn't something he's had to train for, but something that's come naturally. When he turned sixteen years old though, the world undergoes a catastrophic change.

Source: Copin Comics

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Talk no Jutsu on a higher level than naruto, with 99% talk and 1% action, including an annoying non-stop talking human fairy decapitating spoilers of future actions/adventure. At the start, the story had an amazing premise and had shown itself to be a diamond but after the appearance of a companion human who had turned into a fairy sized character, the story started going downhill rapidly. The author created such a character as a guide to the MC and to explain things to the audience. But the biggest mistake was to have said character explain every nook and cranny, not once or twice but many times. The premise of adventure was lost, you would know everything to come from the fairy and the fairy would on many occasions be soo annoying by stopping the mc from actually moving on and starting the action since he's very strong. The fairy is the worse limiter to the mc growth and because of that I thought of dropping the manhwa at chapter 10 but I thought to give it more time than maybe all the explaining, talk no Jutsu would end soon like a tutorial. But nope it continues, all way to chapter 30 where they introduce another human to be like a second guide which added more talk no Jutsu. The translation also had dropped in quality as 2 groups had picked and dropped the manhwa between chapters 20-30 and had explained that they had wanted to drop it way earlier as well but they thought of giving it a chance since it was a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately, I log in alone is a misleading title as the mc had another companion for 30 chapters and now has a second companion, also there's no logging in at all in the story as the story is built in the real world. 

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