I Listened to My Husband and Brought In a Lover

Alt title: Nampyeonui Maldaero Jeongbureul Deullyeotda

Ch: 42+
2023 - ?
3.845 out of 5 from 93 votes
Rank #9,966
I Listened to My Husband and Brought In a Lover

Louise wants nothing more than to live a happy life with her husband, Reyard. She loves her husband so much even though he has never been faithful to her. She had to watch him bring home mistresses and pretend like she wasn’t bothered by it. After all, Reyard was never deceitful about his wishes. He told her that if she were to object to his lovers then their marriage would be over. Louise feels lower than low, so when Reyard insists that she take on a lover of her own… she does just that.

Source: Tapas

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