I Have Something to Tell You

Ch: 66
3.895 out of 5 from 106 votes
Rank #7,739
I Have Something to Tell You

After losing everything in an instant, a glint of hope amidst the deep despair presents her with a new life.

Source: MU

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My goodness this story really got to me. It had so many bitter-sweet scenes mixed with really depressing scenes. It made me root for the characters and care about them so well, and then ended up making me cry my eyes out over them. I Have Something to Tell You does a fantastic job at showing the positivity that can still exist in the saddest of moments. Yet this positivity just ends up making everything so much sadder in the end. I really don't want to spoil anything in my review, because I went into this without knowing anything, and I think because of that I was even more devestated while reading it. So I'll try to tell as much as I can without giving anything away. The manwha constantly shows characters who have gone through terrible hardships. Yet these characters show perseverance, and face these hardships with positivity, and looking towards what makes them happy even if the world around them is practially crumbling. And the reality of it, is even though these characters try to stay positive, sometimes things don't end well and does have a tragic ending, yet at least they lived to the fullest extent. It really made me cry lol. The manwha shows us the characters' backstories and their daily lives, giving the viewer a good viewpoint of what their life is like, what their struggling through and how they're facing it. This is different with different characters. We see characters that face things as positively as they can and we also see characters that let these hardships consume them. It feels realistic, people handle things differently, and sometimes no matter what happens, things won't always end well. We see the minds of the characters, their emotions, their memories, everything coming together to really show who this character is as a person and how they get through life. The manwha shows that despite all the sad things, there can be value in the smallest, positive things. It's bitter-sweet and it's tragic.

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