I Fell in Love, So I’m Streaming It - Custom lists

Alt title: Koi Shita node, Cas Shitemita

I Fell in Love, So I’m Streaming It
  • A Classroom Bereft of Angels
  • Ace of the Diamond
  • A.D.A
  • 52hz Hertz Travel Agency
  • 29-Year-Old in the Service Industry

Official English on Mangamo App by Hoozuki

This is a complete list of every manga legally either published or translated and released in English on Mangamo App. These are either incomplete, ongoing or fully released in English.

  • Drug It!
  • Delicious Food Got Me Famous Across the Galaxy (Novel)
  • BJ Alex
  • Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game (Novel)
  • Amenosei: If Stories (Light Novel)

Livestreaming/Youtubers by LupaLunae

These manga/novels feature characters that are livestreamers or youtubers.

  • .hack//CELL (Light Novel)
  • .hack//Another Birth (Light Novel)
  • .hack//Alcor
  • .hack//AI Buster (Light Novel)
  • .hack//4koma

Video Games (Manga) by CaptainSlow

These manga are set in or feature video games. The cast may be trapped in a video game or simply playing it for leisure. The majority of the story is set with the cast playing video games and interacting with with the world...