I Don't Love You Anymore

Alt title: Deo Isang Saranghaji Anneunda

Ch: 96+
2021 - ?
3.749 out of 5 from 907 votes
Rank #14,500
I Don't Love You Anymore

What happens after you fall out of love? Nevaeh Solene was engaged to the Duke, Baler Eustache. But for ten long winters, she endured in a relationship that was not meant to be. After calling off her engagement, Nevaeh moves to another country, hoping to lead a quiet life. But there she meets Emperor Arendt, who wants to give her the love she’s never had. Will Nevaeh’s eternal winter finally melt into the blossoms of spring?

Source: Lezhin

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Our female lead, neveah, has been neglected from love all her life. parents and friends alike. but the biggest damage upon her broken heart was her fiance duke wistrash, who continuously emotionally abused her and denied all advancements of love from her. no matter how much effort she put in, how much love she gave, he ignored and shot down each and every last one of them. so, having fed up of it, and of the abusive environment she grew up in in general, she devises a plan to catch the eye of someone who could whisk her away from all that’s pained her: emperor (or soon to be? idk i forgot) joachin the xii. he’s a complete sweetheart who seeks a wife who won’t fall in love with him. neveah, having no more love to give since her breakup, sets herself up to get with him. it works and boom, they’re lawfully engaged. but uh-oh, duke wistrash is finally coming to his senses and realizing just how much of a caring woman he lost. too late, she’s already flashing a smile towards someone she (unknowingly) loves now.  this is a real good manhua that gives off this constant vibe of maturity and such. neveahs thoughts are real, what she’s feeling is real. she’s had enough and took the initiative before permenant damage was done. the author does a good job at portraying what’s on her mind and making us, the reader, feel as if we are in her shoes. she even snaps at wistrash at one point which gives me so much serotonin. recommended read without a doubt


  About someone neglected since young and craved for love all her life. Whether it was love from her father, mother, people around her, or her husband but she didn’t ever receive any. As you could imagine, she was “sold”, huh I mean, married to her husband and neglected for 10 years. Her desire for attention and love, becoming an obsession as she clung to her husband all this time. But after all this time, she grew tired of it and decided to divorce and marry someone else. (at least she didn’t die and reincarnate but stopped everything by herself) That someone is someone she didn’t like, and also someone she didn’t expect anything other than what was decided on this contractual marriage.   As far as I’m concerned, I’m not a fan of this story. Like I said, "at least she didn’t die and reincarnate but stopped everything by herself" but at the same time, going from a marriage to another one where she plans to be a “filial wife” to “someone she doesn’t expect anything” is no different from continuing her marriage with her husband. It seems meaningless for her to do that and it makes me think that she still expects some love.   For me: fl is a villainess. She has the past of a villainess (being neglected and criticized when she didn’t do anything wrong or even being misguided) and is acting like a villainess at a certain time ( spoilers: when she takes advantage of the ignorance of her little sister to reduce rumors; yeah I don’t believe she really likes her sister or maybe she want so much affection, she doesn’t care if it’s from her naive sister)   Also, it’s strange when they say they will not love each other while blushing or feeling something about the other one (it doesn’t happen like that but that’s how I see it).    Overall, I see it as: “Oh I suffered for so long -> Let’s stop, I will not suffer anymore and will not expect love -> Oh, I expect love now” and you will mainly see how she adapts to her new life with lots of romance and some difficulties. 

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