I Can't Believe I Slept With You!

Alt title: Ichido dake demo, Koukaishitemasu.

Vol: 3; Ch: 19
2019 - 2021
4.451 out of 5 from 352 votes
Rank #1,218
I Can't Believe I Slept With You!

Twenty-four-year-old Koduka Chiyo quit her job and is wallowing in self-pity in her apartment. She’s also three months behind on her rent. Then her landlady proposes an unusual solution: have sex with her, and she’ll help with the debt, the filthy apartment, and the loneliness driving Chiyo to beer and escapism. After a one-night stand, the two women decide to keep up the arrangement. Their growing relationship leads to questions of identity, getting one’s life together, and if something tender can develop from an arrangement that started with a bang.

Source: Seven Seas

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