I Can See Your Death

Ch: 36+
2022 - ?
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I Can See Your Death

After an accident, Eshana Ash has started seeing people’s lifespan. The date and sign of the person’s death would appear above their head. If the letters were black, she could help, and sometimes save the villagers from danger. “It’s better not to go to the lake today. It’s too cold for going boating,” she said. That man was to die today by drowning in the lake. She saved many of her people this way, so whenever she did, the people in her village would gather around and praise her and would tell her. “You really must be a child from heaven!” Well, I’m not particularly blessed to see death. However, if there is something that cannot be changed, it’s the lifespan shown in red. “Save me.” 422 years of the imperial calendar, a peaceful evening. A bloody man lying in the front yard of the house. And clearer than that blood, is her lifespan. [427/Sign: Eshana] Why is my name there?

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I'm giving this review after reading 25 chapters. Ok. I want to say that this is a refreshing but different take in this genre. Other reviews of this title are pretty spot on regarding character development, art, and the story. I would like to address ctrlist's list and the complaints they have. Maybe they will see this post and maybe have a different perspective of the situation and decision making going into the characters. The FL use of communication is strategical. In her hometown, she was surrounded by people who knew her while growing up, her parents knew of her... unknown behaviors, and it was a controlled environment where she had that power. People listened to her and gained her trust because there was no outside interference. When she decides to leave with the 1st Prince (the ML), she gains an understanding that she is leaving her world. That she is now a small fish in a big pond where no one is truly safe-- even the people she trusts the most, so she keeps to herself. Her desire to keep that control and problem solve the situation before it happened was out of old habit. Because of her overwhelming fear and concern of death, she seems to have an inherent reaction to it that's not always rational. That makes it so incredibly realistic and I'm slowly coming to appreciate this manhwa for that reason. I wouldn't necessarily label characters as stupid or rude or selfish as a simple label and call it done; But that's for me. She's a complex character that struggles with PTSD and unknowingly sleep walks while speaking of troubling events and situations and of things we don't yet know as readers. To look past her as a mere "stupid" character really doesn't do the creator justice. Now, do I think this story is without flaws? No. So far, the story has been developing in a very interesting way, but I sense that it'll be a slow burn before things get complicated. The characters on the other hand are so well written. Each and every one of them has their own set values on what they would choose to do, what they want to do, and what they need to do. The MC and the 1st Price are still young and that shows in their childish banter. They still go out to the festival and play games. They eat meals together and genuinely enjoy each other's company with no regard to their responsibilities. In a single moment, they experience what it's like to just exist, and I find that to be beautiful. The 3rd Prince is an interesting development that we still have yet to see much or understand. There's a buildup of hope and fear that his "knowledge" will change everything for the ML, but I still don't know how well he keeps his promises when they are not in his direct control, similar to the FL but more hateful and aggressive. If I had to really look at him, I would say that his mindset seems to be a FOIL of the mc and what she believes and stands for. There's a clear difference between the princes, but it's an even more stark and obvious comparison when they meet for the first time in her hometown. That is something I really look forward to. And the last is the art. It has it's own quirks on how the bodies are structured and how the faces are mapped out and drown. The faces have good proportions and good responses to set the mood and keep it consistent. Consistency is very, very important when it comes to art so it's not distracting from the characters and story. Maybe the art isn't really "my style," but it's common that the art gets better as the story progresses. The characters will change with the time and the artist will settle into the style more confortably. I expect it to get better for sure. For my final result, I give it a solid 9/10. It has the potential to be one of the bests and one of my favorites. My hope is that story develops in a natural way and that the characters flow with it. 🤞🏻

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