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Alt title: Naneun I Jip Ai

I Belong to House Castielo
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May 22, 2019

Don't read the synopsis for this manhwa as it does not summarise this story very well. The picture of this manhwa above the synopsis also sets a different view for this manhwa. This is really about a cute little girl who is the illegitimate daughter of a duke, this duke is feared by all as his dark red eyes look like blood. Estelle (the mc) experiences childhood trauma and we are shown how she overcomes it throughout the story. The characters are really sweet and there is lots of mystery 🥰

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jul 12, 2019



10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Apr 19, 2020

I'm sure most people will like this. It just wasnt for me. The main character was so stupid as a child. And you might tell me "she's supposed to be stupid, she's a child." But she's actually a 24 year old in the body of a kid.

She let's herself get tricked into doing embarrassing stuff by the male lead(who I'll get into soon). And when she gets told by her father not to tell anyone of her gift, she immediately turns around to the male lead and blabs her mouth IN THE SAME SCENE HER FATHER JUST TOLD HER TO TELL NO ONE. Literally seconds after her father said tell no one. And then, again, she turns around and tells her teacher.

Now, the male lead. Maybe this is normal in these kinds of stories, but he must have been like 8 or 9 years older than her. I believe this because the older brother mastered the use of his aura at age 12. ML says he "mastered it at a very young age" and "it takes several years of training." He also says he started learning swordsmanship later in life than her older brother did, and after learning the sword only then did he learn to use his soul stone. Secondly, he seems insane. Apparently he went through trauma when... well, it's spoilers if I say it. It happens around chapter 40 if I remember right. Anyway, FL finds out that ML is pretty much solely nice to her, and is actually a terrible person to everyone else. He also apparently brags about how close he is to FL. I just think these are all super unattractive traits, and could not possibly understand why anyone would like a person like that. Isn't this the same as being two faced?

I mostly just can't possibly understand anyone who ships these two. The story is good, but the FL is kind of stupid and weak minded. Plus, it's weird to fall in love with someone who carried you when you were a child. Some people say age doesn't matter, but if the gap is more than a couple years, AND the ML is a bad person, I just can't accept it.

3/10 story
8/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Jun 28, 2020

OK the start was quite cliché BUT the characters we were exposed to could be considered round and non static . I liked the beginning.  The story was quite dynamic , we got to see the flashbacks and etc.  BUT sa the story moved forward, more and more stereotypes were used and more characters flowing around were becoming more typical  ( by that I mean that you can organize them into the categories of the tsundere, the cute and innocent, the kind and sexy types if you have already read some manhwas in the past) and the moment she grew into a young adult is the moment I got completely disappointed. I mean what was I expecting ? I was expecting for the story to be less cliché and more focused on not just romance & romance related drama but also to have some new round characters. I believe I was expecting too much because the start was quite refreshing for me . I can still appreciate the artwork.  It was done amazingly , and I mean not only characters but also the locations and details in clothing . But not gonna lie to me the plot and the characters development  went downhill. 

5/10 story
9/10 art
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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May 30, 2020

The manag is ok over all but, it's kind of vague? Maybe a bit boring at times? The main character is supposed to be a reincarnated person but it has absolutely no significance on the plot. Her mental maturity is kind of wanky and it really made her point of view hard to follow. Also I don't even know why they bothered making this a reincarnation story if it would make more sense to the plot if she was an actual child. The should have made this like The Monster Dutchess and Contract Princess, that story flowed a lot better because the character's ignorance could be passed off as childeshness. It was also more heartfelt because she was a real child receiving love for the first time.

This manga shouldn't have tried to make the FL look like a child but then when the plot starts rolling she suddenly has the mental capatacy of an adult. They tried to make another Who Made Me A Princess and they failed. Miserable. Just because this manga is ok doesn't mean it's even close to that standard. WMMAP is always consistent with there character personality and development so if your really looking for a good read go read that or TMDACP instead.

5/10 story
8/10 art
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall