I Become A Villain In My Novel

Alt title: Bei Po Chengwei Fanpai Zhui Xu

Ch: 222+
2020 - ?
3.613 out of 5 from 266 votes
Rank #19,485
I Become A Villain In My Novel

I was judged by Lord Yama in hell because I gave a hasty bad ending to my novel he loves and stopped updating it. As a result, I was sent to the world of my novel as a villain and the matrilocal husband of the infanta. However, the life of going against the original protagonist and encountering girls is actually not that bad...

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So while I'm not the best at reviewing I decided to write this cause the only review was a single dude saying its horrible so here we go.Story: The basic gist of the story is a kinda funny idea, the MC is a writer who because of how bad the ending of his novel was the literal god of death was like. "Yo, I just killed you, now live in your book and fix it.".  And so the entire story has the premise of him trying to stop the apocolypse he created as the end of the book. Along with that is the Self Riteous and annoying previous MC of the book that the MC wrote. And he's just a horrible person and is the Main Villain appearing time and time again to be defeated time and time again.Art: Its honestly, neither bad nor really all that good, Now I don't think its middle of the road cause there are some amazing moments as you read it so I say 7 is right about on track. Maybe 7.5.Characters: Honestly, the best part of the Manhwa. The MC is really funny and is a little Sh$t quite often but in a good and honestly enjoyable way, His first wife we first see her as a mean and cold person only to later find out she's an adorable waifu who we all must protect. And it's in a similar fashion with his other waifu's often we see them in a bad way at first and they grow on us. Just reading the novel made me jealous of how happy the MC ends up, Even when he is literally a wanted criminal he is just enjoying his life while trying to grow stronger.Overall: Its not the top of the line Manhwa like Martial Peak or Yuan Zun but if your just looking for something fun to read that has a few chapters and a cute harem of girls, I say pick it up. I tried to avoid spoiling it much but the story is pretty simple and so its kinda easy to spoil sorry if I did.

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