I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince (Novel)

Alt title: Goemul Hwangtaejaui Anaega Doe-eossseupnida

Ch: 169
4.079 out of 5 from 208 votes
Rank #2,112
I Became the Wife of the Monstrous Crown Prince (Novel)

She transmigrated into the body of “Ancia”, the wife of the monstrous crown prince, “Blake” in a R-19 romance novel. In the original story, Ancia committed suicide on her first day of marriage, leaving Blake with a huge trauma. But this time, Ancia didn’t have any intention of leaving him. Blake is the second male lead in the original story. He is potrayed as a beast who posses an exquisite facade. Yet, right now, he behave like a naive rabbit. The only person who can remove the crown prince’s curse is the heroine, Diana. My only role is to keep this little boy from getting hurt and then step down in time. But…..

Source: NU

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