I Became the Villain's Mother

Alt title: Akdangui Eommaga Doeeobeoryeotda

Ch: 93+
2020 - ?
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I Became the Villain's Mother

Summoned into her favorite novel as the infamous Duchess Roselia Chade, Haena is bathed in riches, power, and a family of her own. Life couldn’t be better, save for the small detail that her beloved stepson, Einspanner Chade, is also the evil mastermind destined to kill her. At this point in the story Ein is still just an adorable child yet to reach his cruel awakening, and so Roselia is determined to stop him from becoming a ruthless killer. But with the duke getting in her way and trying to poison his own son, safely raising a child that was primed for villainy may prove harder than she originally thought. The survival of both mother and child depends on whether Roselia can successfully rewrite their tragic ending.

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(Reviewed after reading Chapt 11) Story  The background to our reincarnated MC isn't anything special. An orphan without family or much happening in her life falls asleep and appears in her beloved novel. Instead of becoming the herione or even the villian's wife as many of these stories will go. She becomes the villian's stepmother and decides to become like a real mother to him.  Ain is instantly enthralled by this mother's display of love and affection. He acts like an adorable little child to her, but is more like the cold-hearted Duke in reality.  The Duke finds the behavior of his 2nd wife and son to be strange and starts interacting with them more. This causes the first bout of tension between the three as a family.  Hopes for the future: The MC will become more aware of her situation. It's not her modern world anymore. She needs to come to terms with the harshness of her hudband's family. However, I hope that they (as a family) will be able to stand together against those who seek to hurt them.  Complaints: The MC is protrayed as naive about this world which is typical, but she is aware of the evils capable of the characters in the book. It's a werid dynamic that is hinted that it will be fixed as the character grows. I'm a realist and if I was the MC I would want to protect Ain, but I'd realize the merit in him receving such a harsh education. The MC is currently really optimistic and protective of her child. Unlike Suri from A Stepmother's Märchen, who understands the perils of the world around her this MC is still too naive.  It's this naive beginning that makes me a little less invested in her as a character, but that is purely because I can't relate to her as well.  Overall: The story isn't anything amazing, but it is decent enough to keep me intersted for a bit longer.  Art I don't have much to say about the art style. It isn't amazing nor is it terrible. The casual clothing for the duchess have me confused about the suggested time period for the manhwa. The designs of the ML are basic in my eyes and it simplifies a mature and cold-looking man who is attrative looking. The child is typical of a child. The MC is pretty basic as well.  Attractive scenery, but nothing that will remain in your mind's eye.  Characters Roselia (MC) - She is an upbeat and unsure reincarnated character. She hasn't taken many steps to blend into the role of Roselia and has only enjoyed the simplcity of being a pampered wife of a powerful man. The most interesting aspect of her character is her inner mama bear when she sees the affects of Ain's harsh education on him. I've seen her only as a naive and upbeat woman from the modern age who needs to wake up before she gets burned.  Ain (Future "Villian") - He is just like his father in terms of brutality, manipulation and coldness. However, this behavior is reserved for his father and others. He treats his mother nicely and is quick to become enthralled with her affections. He isn't innocent by any means and seems to enjoy a willful ignorance about the evils of the world with his mother when they're together. I enjoy his cute moments with his mother and am interested to see how his desire to be loved by his mother will war with his actual cold personality.  Duke Cassius (ML) - Not much to say about him. He is concerned/curious about his wife and son's new closeness. He shows signs of a wanting to experience some of Roselia's warmth in his life. The most interesting and noteable things about him is his treatment of his son. Duke doubts Roselia's soft approch towards child raising as he knows the dangers of being a member of the Chade family. It's a dangerous life because they wield a lot of power in their country. I'm unsure of how much he loves his son in the traditional sense, but I can see that he wants to raise a strong heir.  Overall Would I want more people to read this story and invest time?: Yes, I would. It's decent enough and it would be interesting to see others opinon of the characters.  Would I want to finish it?: It's a maybe at the moment. A character who continues to be too naive in my eyes isn't a character I want to read about. I like my MCs to be jaded and sarcastic or if they're happy and ignorant seeming it's a mask to protect themselves.  Any misgivings: Nothing major pops up. It's a little unsettling to see the darker aspects of the family brushed aside, but I find it fits with this type of MC. The world is dark, but she doesn't care about that unless someone threatens her son. 

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