I Became The Sole Perfumer of A Tyrant (Novel)

Ch: 147
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I Became The Sole Perfumer of A Tyrant (Novel)

A crazy dog that goes on a rampage and kills if he doesn’t smell a certain scent regularly, I possessed Ariel, the perfumer of Duke Cedric. The problem was that Ariel, the villainess, loved this crazy dog so much. She had committed all kinds of obsessions and misdeeds. “Duke, let’s break up.” “What?” “Anyway, it was a contractual relationship that started by my forcing, right?” So I broke up with the Male lead to survive somehow. “…Wait, wait.” “Don’t worry about the perfume. And I’ll let you go without you becoming a crazy dog.” “Crazy… Dog?” Oh, my mistake. The nickname I used to call the Male Lead just popped out. I thought I was doing well, but… “Now, you’re coming here?” I looked in front of my shop with dim eyes. To be exact, on the stairs leading to the store.

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