I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend (Novel)

Ch: 200+
2020 - ?
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I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend (Novel)

She becomes interrupted by love, a jealousy inducer, and the female friend of the male lead. And in addition, she even has an unrequited love with the male lead. It was ruined. As long as this is the case, let’s just become friends! It was nice to have the first meeting with such a young male lead…he was mistaken for a girl and he cried? Fortunately, she managed to resolve the misunderstanding and become close friends. However, the male lead in his childhood is more shy and soft-hearted than I thought. Eventually, she became attached to the male lead and decided to become a real friend. However, due to the disturbance of the male lead father and the war broke out, we had to be separated for a long time, I thought I could barely meet him again and stay the same as before but...

Source: NU

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