I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy - Reviews

Alt title: Widaehan Gamunui Geomsul Cheonjaega Doeeotda

I Became a Renowned Family’s Sword Prodigy
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Jun 27, 2022

Baek Woojin is the youngest son of a renowned swordsman family who has neither talent in swordsmanship nor an impressive Aura. Although he was dishonored by his own family and killed, he reincarnates as the owner of a Magic Sword. His only goal is the destruction of his own family.
This manhwa has a light revenge type story. The art is good but it is not fit for these type of manhwas. The facial expressions of the characters are not that much polished. Side Character are a little bit better but the main character is very childish. The overall worldbuilding is also not that impressive. If you want a dungeon manhwa with a lot of drama then you can try this manhwa. 

7/10 story
7/10 art
7.5/10 characters
6/10 overall