I Am the Sorcerer King

Alt title: Naneun Madowangida

Ch: 143
2019 - 2021
4.003 out of 5 from 4,854 votes
Rank #3,811
I Am the Sorcerer King

Sunghoon Lee is nothing but a victim of a changing world, a powerless man in a land infested with beasts and magic. Monsters from another world invaded earth, and they brought with them a sickness that pushes Sunghoon’s mother into an endless sleep. To pay off her medical bills, he braved a dangerous job as bait used by powerful superhumans called Awakeners to hunt monsters. But when he found himself at death’s door, the image of his past life flashes through his mind. There, he found his truth: he is the reincarnation of the Sorcerer King!

Source: Tapas

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From mage to karate with the typical funny chinese guy. Yeah, U might consider it a Solo Leveling rip off but after 'Enter the Dragon' premise it got just ridiculous. Like some soup ad. The story is such a mess that I had it really hard to understand what was going on in the first 20 chapters. There was once a sorcerer, he died and reincarnated, had no issues with earth, suddenly some rpg system occured and it says he has knowledge from another world, although being watched he just get skills based on his previous knowledge, although the rpg system is steril so it shouldn't be possible because the magic and mana consuption is strictly maintained by the system. What else made it really stupid was his behaviour - 'ooo just watch, this is my new skill!' or '-what have U done?; - Oh, didn't I tell U my new skill?'. Or his greedy mindset. I really don't like him. Curse contracts with death penalty if his friends don't have a 'friendly realtionship' with him? How petty can he be... hehehe srsly he is like all the pathetic overpowered antagonists we are happy about when they get defeated and get thrown in a s***thole :) From A to Z money money money. I think the Author should rework it or at least should have double check it before releasing. The Art is at the same level but edible. With some effort the artist will surely become better with time. To sum it up. It's around 150 chapters of action urban fantasy with some rpg elements. If U don't like it after 10 chapters than U shouldn't waste Ur time any further.

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