I am the Monarch (Novel)

Ch: 348
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I am the Monarch (Novel)

As a young boy, Roan dreamed of becoming a general, but after twenty years and countless battlefields, all he has are a few pennies in his pocket and a low-ranking title. Roan didn't want to die as a nobody, but war seems to have no intention of sparing him from a miserable death—until he wakes up again in the pasat as an eighteen-year-old fresh out of training camp. With all his memories intact, Roan vows to take advantage of this second chance to not only achieve his previous dreams, but exceed them by becoming a Monarch. With each victory, Roan comes one step closer to reaching his long-awaited glory. But as he changes his past, he realizes that he can no longer rely on his memories to predict the future. Will Roan overcome all obstacles and finally become a Monarch, or face the same wretched death as before.

Source: Yonder

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