I Am The Male-Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend

Alt title: Naneun Namjueui Jeon Yeochinieossda

Ch: 47+
2021 - ?
3.438 out of 5 from 324 votes
Rank #22,396
I Am The Male-Lead’s Ex-Girlfriend

I am the villainess in a harem novel. My role as "Erika" is to be an evil ex-girlfriend. I don't want to be a dumb villainess, so I broke up with the male-lead first... But after 3 years, Leo came back to me. "I can't live without you. I still like you..." I'm not the girl you should be obsessed with?! The second leads also came to me. "I like it when you're next to me..." I'm just a supporting villainess, yet why are all these men confessing to me?! Who should I choose?

Source: MU

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