I Am the Evil Wife of a Young Husband (Promo)

Alt title: Agi nampyeon'ui heugmag anaeibnida (Promo)

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I Am the Evil Wife of a Young Husband (Promo)

"This is your wife. She is yours. Play with her until you get bored."Mother-in-law, is that really something you should be saying to your barely 10-year-old child? My young husband stutters. Has a face with scales on it. Hands with scars on it. I worked hard to look after my husband who looked like that." Keep eating. You have to eat a lot so you can be taller than me." "Do I have to be taller than Cheria?""…" "I-I like that Cheria is taller than me… "Did I work too hard? Where did my soft and squishy husband who used to be so fluffy go? Instead he just became a slightly insane man. "Did they die? It’s become easier now." "...What?""People who look at human lives like they were bugs. That's the type of person I think is trash. "Is he watching what he does around me?

Source: MU

A promotional chapter for the novel. 

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