I Am Not a Succubus!

Alt title: Succubus Ja Nai Mon!

Vol: 5+; Ch: 21+
2016 - ?
3.765 out of 5 from 88 votes
Rank #13,925
I Am Not a Succubus!

Adjusting to a new school is always rough, and that goes double for Sakura, a shy human who is transferred to an academy that’s monster girls only! Sakura’s new classmates include a kiss-curious harpy, a sarcastic lamia, a cyclops who has her eye on Sakura, and a plain-spoken centaur who treads cautiously down hallways full of lusty demons. Eager to blend in, and with a body that convinces, Sakura lies and declares herself a succubus. But can she keep up the ruse, and keep her new friends’ hands, claws, and scaled coils off her? It’s going to be one long, hot school year!

Source: Seven Seas

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