I Am a Cat Barista

Alt title: Wagahai wa Neko de Aru, Shokugyou wa Barista.

Vol: 2; Ch: 14
2019 - 2020
3.765 out of 5 from 43 votes
Rank #14,328
I Am a Cat Barista

For some people, the daily grind of city life is exhausting. Yet somewhere between busy streets there’s a mysterious cat café that can only be found by weary souls. What’s on the menu? A delicious cup of coffee, specially brewed for each customer…by a cat barista!

Source: Seven Seas 

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I found this randomly as the first volume as I bought it from the anime flea market of Tracon (a Finnish anine convention). Its cover art looked really inviting and I became intrigued by it. Story: Simple comfort read stories for broken souls. There's no need for coffee shop AUs here. This IS the coffee shop AU. It is extremely relaxing to read. Who wouldn't like to find a café that sells drinks customised for each individual's needs? And with a cat barista! A CAT barista!! And I was postively surprised, the stories weren't as filled with clichés as I was afraid of them to be. My personal favourite was the story of a closet otaku woman, who's afraid of telling about her hobby to her new boyfriend. Usually popular media tends to treat female nerds with the logic of "Oh, of course even nerds can be attractive. They just have to stop beinc nerds!" But no, in this manga, the barista simply says how delightful it is to watch people being passionate about something. And that is SO true! If something makes me happy, it is to watch people talking about something important for them, eyes glittering with enthusiasm! This manga feels weirdly fresh, even with its unoriginal consept. Art: Very pleasant to look at. Although I have to say, this manga's food isn't in my TOP 3 anime and manga food list. It sometimes looks a little bit bland (especially that crépe in the bonus chapter!) However, the characters are just adorable! They have really expressive faces, especially the cats! Oh, the cats. I love Hachi's (the cat barista) paws! I dunno, they are just so cute to look at!  Characters: This manga is filled with likeable character. None of them are too complex, but hey, this only a two-volume long series. What surprised me positively was that the mangaka gave Hachi, Mr Cat Barista Man, an actual personality. Not something I would have expected. He first felt a little bit too similar to Baron from the Cat Returns (I like Baron's character, don't get me wrong). Also I love his little bro relationship with the another cat barista (yes, there's TWO of them). Overall: Sit down with a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever you prefer and enjoy this cozy little café story. *sigh* If only this café was real...

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