Hyung, You're My Idol

Alt title: Urihyeongeun Jonjallim

Ch: 107
2018 - 2020
4.073 out of 5 from 312 votes
Rank #2,325
Hyung, You're My Idol

As the youngest member of hit idol group LoverU, Ryeojoon never suspected that a book gifted by a fan would be... riveting fan fiction starring himself and the other LoverU members! Drawn deeper into the mysterious world of fanfics, he just can't stop himself anymore... How long can this bookworm keep his not-so-innocent hobby a secret? Superstar turns superfan as Ryeojoon walks a dangerous line between idol and fanboy!

Source: TappyToon

Includes 9 extra chapters.

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!!SPOILERS!!  I usually wait till the end of a series to review but I've become so frustrated reading this I thought I should write a review now and then update after I finish Currently ch87- I love hamin and I can say with my full chest I dislike ryeojoon. The fact that ryeo tells hamin to trust him when he keeps putting himself in these compromising situations is quite frustrating. Ryeo is a Mary-Sue, can do no wrong, is always liked no matter what, is supposedly a perfect character. He is given maybe one or two quirks but still can basically get away with murder. He is the most unrelatable, unlikeable, annoying character and it is frustrating to see how he acts towards hamin.  Hamin warns ryeo about a literal pedophile and ryeo "I am an adult I can handle myself" then proceeds to get physically assaulted and traumatized (no xxxx thankfully). Hamin says not to tell hyunwoo about their relationship because it will keep" pressure off him" but in reality it was because he knew how badly he would act and ryeo "so you dont trust him? we could persuade him!" hyunwoo literally reacted just as we all expected... horribly. Hamin says that siwoo doesn't like of ryeo the same way ryeo thinks of him and ryeo "your insecure and you don't trust me" siwoo literally threatening him that he will expose them also lies to reporter to make a scandal. Finished- In the end I don't mind the main couple (definitely prefer hamin) and I liked the side couples stories a lot. The constant need to make hamin feel like trash or inadequate while constantly showering ryeo with love and affection is really annoying though. So to finish my review was it difficult to finish? 100%.  Would I ever re-read? Absolutely not. Would I recommend? Probably not.

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