Hyung, You're My Idol

Alt title: Urihyeongeun Jonjallim

Ch: 107
2018 - 2020
4.394 out of 5 from 240 votes
Rank #1,999
Hyung, You're My Idol

As the youngest member of hit idol group LoverU, Ryeojoon never suspected that a book gifted by a fan would be... riveting fan fiction starring himself and the other LoverU members! Drawn deeper into the mysterious world of fanfics, he just can't stop himself anymore... How long can this bookworm keep his not-so-innocent hobby a secret? Superstar turns superfan as Ryeojoon walks a dangerous line between idol and fanboy!

Source: TappyToon

Includes 9 extra chapters.

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This story is about Soo Ryeojoon, our protagonist, getting caught writing fanfic about his own teammates by the ML, Park Hamin. Awkwardness, hilarity and fluff ensues. This story is super cute! Admittedly, I was avoiding it at first because the cover's art looks old and cartoonish but the art is actually pretty nice, and becomes clearner throughout the story. I love seeing our cute, naive protagonist developing into someone more rational and mature as the story progresses. He comes off as loveably oblivious at first, but then we get to see him steadily growing and standing up for himself. You go, Ryeojoon! cx The story somewhat delves into the lives of idols-- they must be cautious about avoiding any scandals, particularly ones regarding dating (this IS a romance novel about the entertainment industry, how could there not be scandals..). Hamin's character design is a lot more interesting and appealing than Hyungwoo's, in my opinion-- I feel like most stories would generally lean towards Hyungwoo's appearance but I'm so glad the author went with Hamin's because his tough, impulsive character is ahhhhhh The stories I'm used to have a cold, overbearing ML so I really loved this change of pace.  Tbh, I couldn't find myself invested much in the second couple, which was basically the other half of the Loveru group (Dohyun + Hyungwoo). Won't give spoilers, but it was kind of out of the blue so when it came up, I was like, "Well, okay then."  Anyway, I really recommend reading this!! The characters, art and story are all to die for!! Get out of here and go read!!

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