Alt title: Gwahoheup

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2017 - 2018
3.869 out of 5 from 1,251 votes
Rank #8,852

Myongi and Sunho haven't seen each other since they were 18 years old. Now 27, they run into one another at a high school reunion, and the romantic feelings they had for one another come rushing to the surface. But are they the same people now that they were back then?

Source: Tokyopop

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There's very little plot, with the most noteworthy aspect being how the sex scene is interrupted with flashbacks to their time in high school and how that adds context to their current situation. There's very little character development, with the breathing issues Myeong had back in the day being the only trait that really gets any attention. Oh, I guess we can say that Seonho was more popular and Myeong was more of a loner, but that's still not saying much. And it's great that the author didn't want to make unrealistically quirky characters, but if they're just going to be normal people then we readers need to see more of their lives to get to know them. And maybe that's just not feasible in such a short story. I feel like the artwork relies on the coloring to be at all pleasant. The linework is basic and at times skews things badly. Shoulders are drawn like there are shoulder-pads poking out. Shoes tilt up at weird angles. Eyes will sometimes look too deep in the head. The jugular veins feel very accentuated. Sometimes, it seems like there's not quite enough lines and that something is missing. The kissing looks a little awkward because of how simplistic the lines are. But, mmm, the abs look nice. A variety of shading techniques are included, including an ugly grainy style, blurring in the backgrounds, and a shading style (like on the pillows) which just feels out of place with the rest of the art. In general, it's blindingly bright and I don't like the way fe draws the light shimmering off stuff. But, the way the transparency and contours of the water droplets is drawn is really pretty. If you're in the mood for a sex scene with a sprinkling of romance thrown in, then this might be worth the read. But if you primarily want a romance with maybe a sprinkling of sex, then I doubt this would be satisfying.

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