Hungry Joker

Vol: 3; Ch: 24
2012 - 2013
3.361 out of 5 from 248 votes
Rank #10,517
Hungry Joker

Follows the adventures of a scientist Haiji and his assistant Chitose. One day the doctor is called to resolve a mystery about a glowing corpse. From the will of an unknown power the corpse then transforms into a monster and Haiji has to defeat it, to learn all about a mysterious black apple which can regenerate itself and which when eaten will enable someone to control gravity.

Source: MU

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thor123 Aug 17, 2015
Score 3.3/10

Hungry Joker is one of the many manga that showed enough potential, got a place in Weekly Shounen Jump, and then failed so hard that it got axed. So don't waste your time on it if you only want to read stories that have/ will have a decent ending. If you're wondering why I decided to read it then: at the time, I had gotten interested in ... read more

hill506's avatar
hill506 May 1, 2019
Score 4/10

Overall underwelming. The main way I would describe this manga is as "like D.Gray-man, but not as good." In fact, it seems to be SO similar to D.Gray-man that it is frightening. From the main world, to plot, to characters, powers, good guys, bad guys, Everything. They all resemble D.Gray-man so much it is a surprise that there was not copyright claim on it. To actually get into an analysis, the... read more

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