Huh? Butler? More Like My Slave!

Alt title: Haa? Shitsuji!? Nnamon Ore no Dorei Darou?

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Huh? Butler? More Like My Slave!

"Satiate me." Taking care of his master's sexual needs is also part of a butler's job?! Even though in his heart, he despises it... his crotch is rock hard! What should he do?! His master is both smart, handsome, and a gentleman... he's perfect, and so Aizono looks up to him... but then, one day, Aizono happens to peek into his master's room... and sees his suddenly super-sadistic master dishing out punishment to a senior butler! Without any time to deal with his shock, he's tied up with experienced finesse, and then forced to cum! What's going to happen to him?!

Source: Renta

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