How To Love A Jerk

Alt title: Kuzu no Tadashii Aishi Kata.

Vol: 1+; Ch: 10+
2020 - ?
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How To Love A Jerk

Remi doesn't know what love feels like. In the summer two years after she gets her first full-time job, she bumps into Hodaka Arishima, a guy she was friends with benefits with back in school. Even though he was a playboy, he was also popular. For some reason, they had great chemistry. More than anything, he was a jerk who knew every inch of her body. After one particular incident, though, they stopped all contact with each other. Hodaka reassured her that she wasn't special to him, and since he smiled when he said it, Remi now thinks they can become friends again. That assumption changes when this older Hodaka declares that he won't wait for her any longer. He'll make her feel so good that she'll cry in pleasure?and this time, they'll finally share real love and real lovemaking.

Source: Renta!

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